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Counter Strike WC3 Mod& Frozen Throne Race Guide Version By: .. 3] One of the new hot mods out there is the Ultimate Warcraft 3 mod. For Counter-Strike on the PC, WC3 Mod Race/Item Guide by Frowdo. Warcraft 3] One of the new hot mods out there is the Ultimate Warcraft 3 mod. Unlike the. Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (war3ft) is an AMX MOD X plugin developed for Counter-Strike, Condition Zero, and Day of Defeat. It features 8 races.

I also couldn't find anything on Google. And the Warcraft3 mod for CS makes it so you can choose a race and get special skills. I want it because my friend is.

Counter Strike War3 servers top list ranked by votes and popularity. Promote your own War3 Rank. CS:S | Russian WarCraft Source Mod.

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I need a warcraft 3 MOD to CS:GO It should be simple and include the 8 standard races to work % Undead Scourge Human Alliance. Is there any cool warcraft 3 servers up and running on CSGO? Remember it as the coolest shit And thank you cs for the wc3 mod. Thank you. When you enter the game you get to choose a race (undead, human, orc, night elf, dwarf, troll or lich), each race has 3 different skills and an.

Documentation:: Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Mod for Counter Strike and Day of Defeat::|| Frequently Asked Questions Configuration Options. I'm sure its been mentioned before, but I just found it. It is REALLY fun. very annoying to find servers that give you like 5 points for a is. GR, Gm, Server name, IP:Port, Server map, Players, Mod. , GunGame SERVER css v34, , gg_southpark_mini_tower, 0/14, Warcraft 3FT.

A Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) Forum Thread in the Server Administration category, by battlemech7. Counter-Strike WarCraft3 Mod/Addon Where You Can Turn Up Ur Skill To Become Pro In Gaming Arena And You Can Able To Play With. Download Warcraft 3 Mod for Counter-Strike now from AusGamers - its free, and no signup is required!.

This Pin was discovered by Ashley. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. LT | Warcraft III Save XP [UPDATED] - Counter Strike server that is ranked out of General info: Game: Counter Strike Mod: Warcraft3: Name: UGC. nocd "Counter-Strike "Mod "- CZjbc6P1s5MZ2,Warcraft.3 ,CS,SaberCatHost tFiles.

I love this mod, and i want to host it at an upcomming lan. Can someone let me know where i can download this, and other cs admin tools?. Update: Did you know there is now an easy customizable WCS release which allows gameplay for both CS:S and CS:GO? 9 comments | Write. This site provides documentation and information regarding various Warcraft mods for Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat.

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne is a famous and very widely used plugin for Counter Strike which runs on AMX MOD X. Download: Download it.

p.s. DoD is a half life mod, a ww2 fps, and counterstrike is a modern/90s anti- terror fps, both are online only. It ads a neat rpg element to the.

TelekomServis CS War3FT MOD (s. White and Yellow war3ft mod lvl · Counter-Strike сервер . , unknown, 0 / 0, 2, Offline.

3 days ago ( visits to this link). Please post all bug reports for the CS:GO Warcraft 3 server here. Default - sG|Warcraft Mod Race Guide Video #2.

WAR3FT este o comunitate de Counter Strike CS, , mod WAR3. Cs No Lag + Fps Config Addons By FiRewOw~. PASSWORD OF NO LAG ADDONS. COPY AND PAST. Warcraft, a Counter-strike: Global Offensive server, located in United Kingdom. Hostname, CTTS | Warcraft mod [WCS] Looking for admins!.

Hey All,Apparently the Exetel CS War3 Server has gone bad (Apparently the SQL server 21 Player - Warcraft 3 Mod #1

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