Cs 1.6 Longjump

7 Jul - 2 min - Uploaded by Artūrs Kapins I made a video where you can see how to do a "longjump" correctly. CS Longjump Guide.

28 Dec - 2 min - Uploaded by Long Jump Server: Web: Video recorded in DeathRun server 21 May - 5 min - Uploaded by ꧁༒ғʀᴀɴᴄᴏ༒꧂ CS Lj Tutorial. CS Long jump Tutorial. Franco Quiroga. Loading. 28 Jul - 2 min - Uploaded by plo1T Just wanted to share this old video from around (Part 1/2) Part 2: https://

(W+Space+A+Mouse Left+Space+D+Mouse Right+Space+A+Mouse Left) 4. Do that order until you get to the next platform of the map 5. Thats it. [Long Jump] 1. CS Country; Jumpers; Demos. cz; shooting-star; ru; Toffifee; cz; fykseN; bg Longjump rules and information can be found on rules page. KZ/Kreedz: Kreedz was the founder and inventor of CS Climbmaps. Longjump/LJ: Every jump that is longer than (and therefore can't be done with.

Counter-Strike > lj record? lj record? What's your lj records in ? Mine is maybe, i wasnt very good at lj but good bhopper. 23 Apr - 37 sec Long Jump Guide cs Ses Kalınlaştırma Programı | CS: GO CS | Sesli | p. , Ankh # LongJump, , kz_longjumps2, 0/16, Public , ProGamers CS HNS Training Server, , Offline.

Explaination A lot of people have asked about the longjump bind that I it in C:\ Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike. Ankh # LongJump - Counter Strike server that is ranked out of many other servers on Ro-Ni CS Long Jump =- - - Counter-Strike

A longjump is a jump around units+ which you achieve while strafing mid air while moving your .. There's no edgefriction in CS:GO, so no. . Nice guide but i am playing with // dpi and this is unplayable:(.

ვიდეო ძიების რეზულტატი ფრაზით CS Longjump Guide.

Since last cs update, longjump (item_longjump) is disabled. This plugin re- enable it. I hope it was a mistake and that this plugin will be useless.

config is an Counter-Strike config download. Download cs config, other Counter-Strike cfgs or view. If you mean CrouchJump: bind the mouseweel up to duck, then roll ur mouseweel up half a sec later u press CTRL (duck) it wil go faster then if. Top Players. - Instant Cloud Server Deployment · -= Ro-Ni CS Long Jump =- - Counter Strike Server in Albania. Home.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Scripts Thread: LongJump Auto-Strafing Script .. By TristanForthe in forum CounterStrike (CS) Hacks / Counter Strike. If you are referring to the long horizontal jumps then you have to bunny jump. If you are referring to the slightly higher vertical jump you jump. Game: Counter-Strike: ; Map type: jump (kreedz, climb, lj, bhop) Size: MB; Slots: not specified; Author: 8ball1; Date uploaded: 12 June.

So, pickup a longjump in a map makes the icon being shown but longjump is not working at all [CS ] bugfix for item_longjump broken?.

Steam Community: Counter-Strike: Source. Free demo: ?axif6vu4yfwk Trick Jumping. Скрипты CS - у нас собраны самые распространенные скрипты со всего интернета и наш архив This script is undetected by lj stats or kz stat. TRY TO . I have been trying for hours to pick up the long jump pack in the LAMBDA solved Got a problem with resolution on Half-life/Counter-Strike

Ro-Ni CS Long Jump =- Address: Gametype: Map: kz_longjumps2. Players: 0 / 8. CS Kreedz climbing help & tips. Information on longjump & highjump distances for kz maps. 12 мар Смотреть Long Jump (Cs ) Скачать 3GP p, 3GP p, MP4 p, MP4 p.

How to bunny hop, long jump, and surf | counter-strike 1. Counter-strike 1. 6 longjump script max download link. Uq_jumpstats v2. 42 alliedmodders. A Counter-Strike (CS) Config Script in the Other/Misc category, submitted by MatekHaxior. i have jumped Units Lj and units with. External Bhop & Longjump Script - CounterStrike Source Hacks and KiHop is a simple cheat for Counter-Strike: Source that has in-built.

A Counter-Strike (CS) Config Script in the Action Scripts category, submitted by Technolex LongJump 7 Strafes (Right And Left) Pre Script. A Half-Life (HL). () LongJump (7) Strafes | Counter-Strike Config Scripts A Counter-Strike (CS) Config Script in the Action Scripts category, submitted by. CS LongJump units - Tutorial / Guide / Howto. Server: Web: Video recorded in DeathRun server Date: .

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I am also in the top 5 for no bind and no -forward bind Longjump, no bind Until players started to come from previous Counter-Strike games.

Ro-Ni CS Long Jump =- - December Counter-Strike server. Detailed server information, custom banners, vote page & accurate statistics.

7 Jul - 2 min - Uploaded by Artūrs Kapins I made a video where you can see how to do a "longjump" correctly. CS Longjump Guide. 28 Dec - 2 min - Uploaded.

Hello, I am searching long jump script for counter strike thanks for answer.. Unfortunately such requests aren't allowed here, sorry. Counter Strike-CS Jump Hack (LongJump and much more) - Page 2. 9 Aug - 2 min Cs hns trick show. - Download. More Less. Related Videos. Counter strike movie bugs and.

Long jump hack for cs free download, Counter-Strike.6, server,.6 server listesi , sxeli ve sxesiz serverlar. 1 Nov - 2 min heres the download link! ?d=JYXWCH5V Heres my first video! http. LJ CJ HJ SCJ. 5 years soon 6 years so plss stop telling me hacker and learn this lj I dont have hacks/scripts nothing simple cs

o.o. Just get the script and upload it into the server. Then update the plugins file to load the (or wtv name is has). 15 окт /jump/ . его в папку cstrike Заходиш в Cs Пишешь exec И все радуйся фигней этой))). 9 Jun - 1 min CS LJ Hack (KZ Hack) Download Link Is:

This video will help you very much in cs, just for example, i can just and only Sometimes do that long jump in de_nuke to get into up of that clif. Its a litle hard to . 19 Feb - 2 min A Guide i found:o Cs counter strike counter-strike Longjump bunnyhop guide. Guide A. This plugin measures multiple jump techniques in Counter-Strike Most of you that know about any type of LongJump Stats are familiar.

Скачать конфиг на длинный прыжок для КС LonG Jump-LJ In Cs ! KZ is short for Kreedz, the original creator of the gamemode in CS.

Cs 1 6 Longjump Units Tutorial Guide Mp3 Video Mp4 3gp | Mp3 MP3 CS LongJump units - Tutorial Guide Howto.

A Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) Config Script in the Action Scripts category, by #. ATI. LongJump 7 Strafes (Right And Left) Pre Script A.

, ` X7, -= Ro-Ni CS Aim =- [CSF-AC] CDHack Detected , , -= Ro-Ni CS Long Jump =- Script(special), 7 Months, 0, 0, 1.

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