Dactron Shaker Control

Shaker Control. User Guide. Rev. Application Software Installation. Application Software Usage. Terminology. Background Theory. LDS-Dactron.

Designed to generate a shaker drive signal and perform data measurements, the LDS® LASERUSB™ controller is typically used in R&D and production test. LDS-Dactron Shaker Control Version 1. Major Enhancements. Fatigue Monitor. The capability in Random to set alarm and abort limits around the Hinv. LDS-Dactron Shaker Control Version Enhancements. 1. User Interface Enhancements. New Start-Up page. The start up page provides direct access to a .

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LDS-Dactron Shaker Control Version Enhancements. New Chamber Interfaces. Chamber Interfaces for Cincinnati Sub-Zero and the Watlow F4 Controller. Shaker Control Software Version 1. LDS-Dactron Shaker Control Version . December 19, Enhancements and Bug Fixes. General. Angular. LASERUSB is the only vibration control system that connects troller with the shaker amplifier and many popular thermal .. to read LDS-Dactron binary files).

Vibration Control Software v. Upgrade to Vibration Control Software v. for bit operating systems. Vibration Control Software v. supports the. Your DACTRON INC. Dactron Shaker Control System Vibration Control Software is in the best hands with Trescal, the expert in equipment calibration and repair. Shaker. Control System delivers the four benefits that test operators most frequently demand: . LDS-Dactron can make your lab more efficient and effective.

frequency domain. Shaker. Unit Under Test. Controller. Control signal. Drive signal. Amplifier . In Dactron was acquired by LDS (Ling Dynamic Systems).

controller for the shaker system, and data acquisition equipment to position the shaker programming tools included with LDS-Dactron's NET-Integrator library.

LASERUSB. TM. Vibration Control System Allows locating controller next to shaker. ○ Hot swapping of Dactron software interfaces to chamber software.

one end the vibration reduction system is attached to the shaker, on the other-. to the mobile of PCB Piezotronics. The Dactron Shaker Control software.

production applications, the COMETUSB Shaker Control System delivers in a very . software and hardware for our systems, LDS-Dactron has a unique abili-. capability of a shaker controller. We all characteristics of the power amplifier, shaker, control-point “TN Control Dynamic Range”, LDS-Dactron, Magicdot Corporation- Shaker, Vibrator, Vibration test system, recorder, long time history, LDS-Dactron, data recording, shaker control, real-time analysis.

A well-defined vibration exposure was achieved using a LDS shaker system consisting of accelerometer in combination with Dactron Shaker Control software.

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