Discus Breeding For Beginners

Discus Breeding for Beginners Hardcover – March 1, Jack Wattley's Handbook of Discus/H Discus Fish Secrets: care and breeding.

Group of young Discus Fish who will soon pair off and breed. Thomas R. Reich . The South American Leaffish Isn't for Beginners. Freshwater. Discus are quite difficult to care for and breed, and you may not achieve a high parents and following the instructions for raising discus without parents instead. In Discus Breeding for Beginners, Jack Wattley touches on some of the important topics regarding Discus and the breeding of this highly sought after fish.

I have been a professional breeder of Discus fish for a while now. While I had dabbled in fish, I had never bred Discus before but I was getting very good at .. Setting Up a Freshwater Aquarium: A Guide for Beginners.

4 May - 2 min - Uploaded by KC Aquatics Short explanation on discus breeding. Discus breeding for beginners. KC Aquatics. Loading. If you want to breed Discus, get yourself a pH and Conductivity meter because you will be taking readings all the time in the beginning. Make sure the pH is. For this reason alone they are not recommended for the beginner aquarist. Discus can be housed with many any other fish as long as they require the same .

Discus Breeding for Beginners has 2 ratings and 1 review. The author provides a blueprint for success that can be followed even by hobbyists with no prio.

Find great deals for Discus Breeding for Beginners by Jack Wattley (, Hardcover). Shop with confidence on eBay!. It is true that Discus breeders need a better handle on water or twisted mouths are more easily noticed, especially by beginners, at this size. : Discus Breeding for Beginners () by Jack Wattley and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

Breeding. Every discus breeder have their own successful methods. The method that I adopt to breed my discus is as follows: Preparing Stock for Breeding Pairs.

Many Hobbyists discus breeders in the UK have tried to breed discus and had very little or no luck with their venture. Many give up and blame the fish, saying. Breeding discus fish is an art in and of itself so learning the mechanics and conditions that will promote this process will allow you to not only successfully raise. If you are a beginner it is definitely not a good idea to start with the keeping and breeding discus fish. This is a very demanding fish even an.

Breeding discus can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the Hobby. upon for beginners and may result in ugly unsellable offspring).

Read "The Essential Guide to Caring For and Breeding Discus Fish" by Kim Starting and Maintaining a Koi Pond: A Guide For Beginners ebook by Kim Walker. Cultivating a thriving freshwater aquarium can be a wonderful experience but successfully breeding your aquarium fish is even better. Discus. - Buy Discus Breeding for Beginners: Equipment Needed, Hatching Artificially, the Right Water, Selecting Good Stock book online at best prices in.

European-bred Discus, however, are quite happy and will even breed in harder water - the reason being they have now been tank-bred over. Customers always ask me how to breed discus fish. Breeding of Discus fish is quite difficult in terms of taking care of them and it may be difficult. Discus Breeding for Beginners by Jack Wattley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Jack Wattley. Jack Wattley Is the author of books such as Discus Breeding For Beginners. Jack Wattley books. Discus Breeding For Beginners · Advanced Book . This is probably the best source of information if you want to start breeding discus , and I should know I'm just rearing my first batch of over fry! There are lots. You have to remember little fish may grow up to look different, especially if it comes from cross-breeding two or more kinds of discus. It could look like the male.

The author provides a blueprint for success that can be followed even by hobbyists with no prior experience in keeping discus.

They are not for beginners, for a variety of reasons. While captive bred discus can be kept in dechlorinated tap water, reverse osmosis or deionized water. Videos, information and instructions on how to breed and raise egg No problem, I figured out a way to create perfect Discus water Selecting breeders: Selecting Discus breeders is very similar to selecting Angelfish pairs. I have a breeding pair of discus fish but the eggs always turn white over the 2 to .. I'm beginning to wonder if the guy I bought the fish from genetically designed .

Discus Breeding for Beginners: Equipment Needed, Hatching Artificially, the Right Water, Selecting Good Stock by Jack Wattley at - ISBN .

Discus is definitely for experienced aquarists, it's decidedly not the fish for the beginners. The fish is very demanding, so even for an expert aquarist it can be. The Discus fish breed thrives in soft water with low mineral content and pH value between and The water temperature must be a bit higher than All about how you breed different types of discus fish. First and most The female takes a pass or two before beginning to lay the eggs. Once she starts laying.

The discus, also known as the king of aquarium fish, have been so intensively bred that the vast array of colours available has become almost dizzying.

Here at Wattley Discus, we get many customers asking how to get their discus to breed. So we put together some valuable information to help. Breeding Discus for Beginners - authorSTREAM Presentation. books online. Get the best Discus Fish books at our marketplace. The Discus : An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Fish Discus Breeding for Beginners.

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